The Greater Heritage

S3, Ep. 13 - Dr. Janice L. Supplee (Cedarville University) – TGH Speaker Series

August 17, 2021 J.R. Waller Season 3 Episode 13
The Greater Heritage
S3, Ep. 13 - Dr. Janice L. Supplee (Cedarville University) – TGH Speaker Series
Show Notes

In this special episode of The Greater Heritage podcast we talk with Dr. Janice L. Supplee, Vice President for Marketing and Communications and Dean of Graduate Studies at The Graduate School at Cedarville University.

Cedarville University is truly a special place. The university is committed to Biblical authority and to the academic and spiritual well-being of its students.

Enrolled students enjoy a robust slate of accredited degree programs, plenteous financial aid opportunities, and wide-ranging student activities.

Moreover, Cedarville's faculty and staff honor the Biblical upbringing of students while at the same time transforming them into informed thinkers, decision makers and servants of Christ. 

Thanks again to Dr. Supplee and her team for coming alongside us to share all the great things going on at Cedarville University. Go Yellow Jackets! 

About Cedarville University

Cedarville University is an accredited, Christ-centered, Baptist university of arts, sciences, professional, and graduate programs located in the village of Cedarville, Ohio. Its mission is to "transform lives through excellent education and intentional discipleship in submission to biblical authority."

For 130+ years, Cedarville has stood “For the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ." You can find and follow Cedarville University on the web, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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