The Greater Heritage

S3, Ep. 9 - Searching Our Hearts in Difficult Times by John Owen

July 10, 2021 J.R. Waller Season 3 Episode 9
The Greater Heritage
S3, Ep. 9 - Searching Our Hearts in Difficult Times by John Owen
Show Notes

In this episode of The Greater Heritage podcast we present a John Owen book review of Searching Our Hearts in Difficult Times. The book is published by Banner of Truth and is part of their exceptional Puritan Paperbacks series which recently celebrated its 60th anniversary.

John Owen (1616-83) was an English Puritan Nonconformist minister, theologian and writer. He was chaplain to Oliver Cromwell, vice chancellor of Oxford, and dean of Christ Church Cathedral. Many regard him as one of the greatest seventeenth-century English theologians.

The sermons in Searching Our Hearts in Difficult Times were written during a time of great spiritual decline in the Colonies and in England.

It was a time not altogether different from our own; a time when Gospel truths needed to be communicated to the hearts of not just individuals but to entire nations.

As such, Owen wrote many of the sermons throughout the book in order to prevent and cure the spiritual decay rampant in his congregations and in England.

They are pastoral, expository and applicable. Topics include overcoming sin, using faith to press on in hard times and the importance of taking God's warnings seriously.

Searching Our Hearts in Difficult Times is at once deeply convicting and thought provoking.

Don't let its modest size fool you, this humble tome is jam-packed with rich theology and comes highly recommended.


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