The Greater Heritage

S3, Ep. 8 - Lessons from the Anointing at Bethany

July 06, 2021 J.R. Waller Season 3 Episode 8
The Greater Heritage
S3, Ep. 8 - Lessons from the Anointing at Bethany
Show Notes

In this episode of The Greater Heritage podcast we look at one of the most famous events in the Gospels: Mary Magdalene’s anointing of Jesus at Bethany.

Through our study we see how the Disciples, and especially Judas Iscariot, react to Mary’s act of devotion, which teaches us the importance of being aware that bad things can happen even in good circumstances, and how we must let that fact increase our resolve to serve God all the more.

We also discuss Mary’s actions, and how they mattered to Jesus despite being "abnormal" when compared to the social norms and expectations of the time.

Thus we learn that all ministry matters. In fact, regardless of what others will think, our Christian service will never fail as long as we focus on Jesus.

Lastly, we consider the deep personal and financial costs Mary endured as a result of her use of priceless ointment to anoint Jesus.

This teaches us that there are costs associated with serving Jesus, but that such costs are always appreciated by him.

Also included in the lesson is a brief survey of the village of Bethany, including its geographic significance and many asides into the culture of the day that give a well-rounded view of the account.

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Verses featured in this episode: Matthew 26:6-13, Mark 14:3-9 and John 12:1-8.

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