The Greater Heritage

S3, Ep. 2 - The Gospel According to Satan by Jared Wilson

January 07, 2021 J.R. Waller Season 3 Episode 2
The Greater Heritage
S3, Ep. 2 - The Gospel According to Satan by Jared Wilson
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In this episode of The Greater Heritage podcast we review The Gospel According to Satan: Eight Lies about God that Sound Like the Truth. It is a Jared Wilson book published by Thomas Nelson.

Apologetics is one of my favorite branches of theology. If you've listed to our podcast before, that's probably not a surprise to you. 

The Gospel According to Satan is an excellent book on the subject, particularly as it clarifies many things that sound right about Christianity, but are actually completely un-Biblical lies perpetuated by Satan.

It manages to teach doctrine without confusing readers too. It is also filled with practical pastoral tips as it gets to the heart of some of the most pressing questions facing contemporary man.

Jared Wilson Book Review (The Gospel According to Satan)

Jared Wilson's book looks at how Satan deceives and distorts gospel truths through lies that sound appealing.

As he puts it, Satan does not want us to think thoughts about God at all. However, if we do the next best thing is for him to get us thinking wrong thoughts about God.

From this jumping off point, Wilson teaches readers how to focus on what God really said, instead of what the devil tries to make us think He said (a strategy that Adam and Eve fell prey to in the Garden of Eden).

Throughout the book, he explores 8 different lies of Satan that sound true, but are not.

For example, God Just Wants You to Be Happy, You Need to Live Your Truth, Your Feelings Are Reality, You Need to Let Go and Let God and more.

Along the way, issues such as antinomianism, legalism and relativism present themselves in a easy to understand manner.

Wilson also gives readers a healthy dose of theological history, including a discussion about the Keswick movement for example.

My biggest personal takeaways were the book's emphasis on God's desiring of our holiness over our happiness, and how pain, even when we don't understand it, has meaning.

In addition, his pastoral anecdotes, introspection and keen knowledge of contemporary issues add credibility and really resonated with me.


Overall, The Gospel According to Satan is a readable, practical, current, and doctrinally clarifying book that I recommend to all readers, especially those with questions about Christianity.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this review are solely those of the reviewer. They do not represent any endorsement from the publisher.

About Jared Wilson

Jared C. Wilson is assistant professor of pastoral ministry at Spurgeon College, author in residence of Midwestern Seminary, general editor of For the Church, and director of the Pastoral Training Center at Liberty Baptist Church in Kansas City, Missouri. His books include Your Jesus Is Too Safe, Gospel Wakefulness, The Imperfect Disciple, and Supernatural Power for Everyday People. He lives outside Kansas City with his wife, Becky, and their two daughters.