The Greater Heritage

S2, Ep. 11 - On the Geneva Bible

September 04, 2020 J.R. Waller Season 2 Episode 11
The Greater Heritage
S2, Ep. 11 - On the Geneva Bible
Show Notes

In this episode of The Greater Heritage Podcast we learn about the background and historical significance of the Geneva Bible, the most important English Bible.

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  • In the 1550s, at the height of Queen “Bloody” Mary Tudor’s efforts to expel the Reformation from England, a group of English scholars fled to Geneva, Switzerland. 
  • In 1560 they created, printed and distributed the first Bible read by common people in English; the Geneva Bible.
  • Its influence was widespread and almost incalculable in scope. It brought democracy, reform and civilization to the world.
  • The legacy of the Geneva Bible is a testament to the power of God’s Word to change not just individual lives, but the lives of entire societies.
  • We must never lose site of the preciousness and power of God's Word or take its possession in our hands for granted.

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