The Greater Heritage

S4, Ep. 10 - Miriam Huffman Rockness (The Lilias Trotter Legacy) – TGH Speaker Series

February 27, 2022 J.R. Waller Season 4 Episode 10
The Greater Heritage
S4, Ep. 10 - Miriam Huffman Rockness (The Lilias Trotter Legacy) – TGH Speaker Series
Show Notes

An Interview with Miriam Huffman Rockness of The Lilias Trotter Legacy

In this special episode of The Greater Heritage podcast we talk with author Miriam Huffman Rockness (Keep These Things (Doubleday), Home: God’s Design (Zondervan), and A Passion for the Impossible: The Life Of Lilias Trotter (Discovery House). Miriam also serves as a member of The Lilias Trotter Advisory Board, the governing body of The Lilias Trotter Legacy.

Throughout the interview Miriam shares about the life, work and impact of Lilias Trotter (1853-1928) - a pioneering missionary to North Africa, prolific devotional writer and brilliant visual artist of the Victorian era.

She also talks about The Lilias Trotter Legacy which strives to...

  • Gather, preserve, and make accessible the written and artistic work of Lilias Trotter
  • Present to a global audience the thought, works, and life of Lilias Trotter
  • Use the enduring legacy of Lilias Trotter to convey the light and love of Jesus to others

Lastly, she gives candid firsthand advice for aspiring biographers, including discussions about creating timelines, transcribing sources and being aware that writing doesn't always come with a road map.

It was our pleasure to interview Miriam and learn more about Lilias. Both of these women remind us that it is vital to believe in a work of art so much, and its impact for God, that you press forward with it regardless of the worldly success it may or may not bring.

Episode Chapters

0:49 Introductions
4:08 About Lilias Trotter and the importance of her legacy
17:12 Lilias Trotter's techniques for witnessing to Muslims
23:53 Lilias Trotter's art
28:26 Lilias Trotter's writing
41:20 Advice for aspiring biographers
58:50 About The Lilias Trotter Legacy
1:11:20 Conclusion - Thoughts on how God works in our lives

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